We want you! Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic is always interested in new volunteers.

We are currently open to: students, community members, and healthcare professionals (preceptors) who want to make a difference in the lives of our participants.

Scroll down to find a position that is right for you!


Student Volunteers

We accept students from all programs (medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, PA, business, MPH, etc.)

There are two ways for students to get involved with Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic:

Option 1: Volunteer in the clinic

Follow the steps below under “Volunteering in the Clinic”

Option 2: Join one of our leadership teams

Scroll through our leadership team information and contact a team


Volunteering in the Clinic

Interested in working directly with underserved health populations? Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic is seeking passionate clinic volunteers who will make a difference in the lives of our participants!

Please note that before volunteering in the clinic, a mandatory volunteer training session must be attended. Dates for these training sessions can be found on the website calendar.

To get started volunteering in our clinic, and with the training process, contact our training and education team:

Bridges Clinic Training and Education email: trainingandedleaders@gmail.com


Sign up for our upcoming Volunteer Training Session:


Leadership Team Information

If you are interested in joining a Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic team or assuming a leadership position, the team descriptions and contact information are found below.

  • Program Development: PD focuses on improving clinic operation, streamlining administration of services, and increasing clinic scope. Past projects include developing the clinic flow and developing orientation materials. Current projects include organization of community resources for referrals, implementing foot and wound care, and introducing blood sugar monitoring with donated glucometers. We are a very supportive group and are always open to ideas for projects from our team members, so feel free to bring your amazing ideas! We have both individual and group projects available. Our team meetings are productively spent work-shopping stumbling blocks in ongoing projects and reviewing successes and issues from previous clinic sessions. We would love to have interested volunteers at our next team meeting to see if PD is a good fit for their interests!

Email: bridgesclinicpd@gmail.com

  • Operations: We are in charge of many of the “behind the scenes” aspects of the clinic. This includes preceptor and student recruitment, scheduling, policy/procedure development, maintaining affiliation with partner institutions, and establishing non-profit status. If you like challenges, learning new skill sets, or networking and you have an eye for detail, this is the team for YOU!

Past Projects: Researched operational models of other student run clinics. Met with OHSU executive and legal teams for legal affiliation and liability coverage. Developed clinic operational and privacy policies. Applied for 501c3 status and necessary documentation/permits to operate a clinic. Established Board of Directors.

Current Tasks: These are continually evolving and changing, and we will need committed team members in general! Here are some tasks that we can still use help on.

Operations Team Dental Student Liaison: This ongoing role will be to help with dental-specific operations team needs. This role will evolve as the dental clinic begins to open.

Nursing Recruitment: This will start by reaching out first to a few of our current nursing preceptor contacts and finding out their network and emailing them from there. You do not need to be a nursing student to help with this task.

Pharmacy Recruitment: This will start by reaching out first to a few of our current pharmacy preceptor contacts and finding out their network and emailing them from there. You do not need to be a pharmacy student to help with this task.

MD Recruitment: This will continue the process of reaching out to MD contacts and find their networks and then reaching out to them from there. You do not need to be a medical student to help with this task.

Policy Drafting: This will involve helping to write policies for our clinic based on our current needs. For example, we are working on drafting a security policy about what to do in the clinic when a combative person enters. This role doesn’t require previous experience, just a willingness to learn and contact other teams for policy advice when unsure.

Policy Site Management: This would involve updating and managing our internal website that includes our clinic’s policies and procedures.

The “Catch-All”: If you would like to be someone that we can email to help when new random tasks come up, then this is the spot for you.

Email: bridgesclinic.ops@gmail.com

  • Training and Education: For Training, our goal is to train clinic volunteers to be able to work with the populations TPI serves by educating volunteers in motivational interviewing, trauma informed care, and cultural humility.The goal of Education is to inform and engage participants with student created and led workshops. We are always looking for students motivated in creating new workshops or leading already established workshops on topics such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Nutrition, Yoga, Foot & Wound care, and many more.There are various levels of time commitments from leading an already established workshop to endless possibilities of creating a new workshop.

Email: trainingandedleaders@gmail.com

  • Marketing and Community Relations: Marketing and Community Relations works to advertise the clinic, recruit volunteers/preceptors, inform the public and potential participants (aka patients) about what we can offer at the clinic, and connect with community partners. A background in Marketing is not required. If you are creative or want to network with community organizations, get involved in spreading the word about the clinic through the MCR team!

Current tasks:Newsletter Editor:
Write the Bridges monthly newsletter to keep people up to date on current events and progress of the clinic.

Website Manager:
Maintain and update the Bridges website as needed.

Social Media Committee:
Take pictures at meetings and events. Manage our Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Advertisement Committee:
Make flyers for upcoming events and meetings. Distribute emails and flyers to students as needed for volunteer recruitment. Create promotional/recruitment videos to advertise the clinic.

Community Relations:
Establish relationships with organizations outside of Bridges for help and resources to run our clinic.

Dental Clinic Set Up Crew:
Our major upcoming task is to launch the dental clinic and organize the grand opening day with news crews, food, and activities

Email: mcrforbccc@gmail.com

  • Dental Team: The Dental Team is responsible for setting up the BCCC dental clinic which will be at the Day Center at the Bud Clark Commons. We are working with all the teams in BCCC to make this happen. We have finalized a dental supply list with the help of Resource Management and are ready to start purchasing the necessary materials. We are currently working with Program Development to create a streamlined clinic flow; this will dictate how the clinic is run.Once the clinic is up and running, our team will be responsible for recruiting volunteers to perform a plethora of tasks involving oral cancer screenings, taking radiographs, educating participants in oral hygiene, and assisting dental students during procedures.

Email: bridgesdentalleads@gmail.com

  • Quality Improvement: We are focused on better system performance, better professional development, and better addressing the health and social needs of our participants. Our scope includes: routine data collection & analysis, electronic health record management, improvement project management & consultation, risk compliance & adverse event investigation.

Current Tasks:

Intranet page to keep info handy for volunteers

Metric collection & reporting

Streamline data collection and entry

Volunteer satisfaction

TPI participant needs and satisfaction

Administrative assessment

Email: bridgesclinicqi@gmail.com

  • Resource Management: Resource Management is responsible for supply acquisition for the clinic sites as well as financial management of the clinic’s budget and financial assets. Because of this, we are responsible for funding the clinic and all of its projects. We do this via a variety of different grants and fundraising. Our team has split up these responsibilities between two aforementioned committees. The fundraising committee is composed of a number of creative thinkers responsible for the planning and implementation of our Fall Fundraiser. Additionally, our hard working grant writers are responsible for targeting and applying for grants from organizations who have missions that align with Bridges Clinic. We also work with other teams to design plans to develop at our new clinical sites, and services for the greatest utilization by our participants. Given that this clinic is a new nonprofit, these plans are always performed with a cost-conscious mind and can take a bit of problem-solving to help our clinic sites grow in the most efficient manner. Ultimately our team is responsible for fostering the development of our leaders’ altruistic and brilliant ideas and assuring that they are carried out in the best way possible.

Grant Writing: Our team of grant writers is responsible for writing grant applications and adjusting our clinical data provided by Quality Improvement Team to determine we are making our best case for future funding and projecting for the proper amount to sustain our future projects.

Fundraising: We are planning our first annual fundraiser the Fall of 2018 at the Collaborative Life Sciences Building.

Budget Reconciliation: We need help managing our finances and our books. Anyone who has past accounting experience would be greatly appreciated!

Supply Management: Any student with past clinical experience that could go help us sort through our past and future donations to determine how they could fit into the scope of the clinic could provide a huge amount of help with the integration of future projects at both our dental and medical sites.

Email: bridgesclinicrm@gmail.com

Preceptor Volunteers

BCCC is seeking preceptors for future clinic sessions!

Each Saturday clinic shift lasts from 8:45AM to 12PM. You are welcome to sign up for more than one clinic.

Preceptors will be responsible for overseeing 1-2 students from their professional field for the duration of our clinic hours.

The following preceptor positions are needed:

MD Preceptor: oversees students from various clinical disciplines (e.g. MD, NP, or PA). Students are responsible for seeing patients and reporting history and physical to the preceptor. Together, the preceptor and the student will review the physical and plan, prescribe, and refer as needed.

Pharmacist Preceptor: oversees students performing medication reconciliation and prescriptions written in the clinic (no dispensing activities).

RN Preceptor: oversees BSN students as they triage, check vitals, and provide patient education.

**DMD/DDS Preceptor: Our dental clinic will be opening soon. Dental preceptors will oversee DMD students as they triage patients and provide basic treatment.


Please use this link to sign up for a volunteer preceptor position and feel free to forward this email to any colleagues who may be interested.


**The students of BCCC are planning to open a dental clinic at the Transition Projects’ Day Center later this year and dental preceptors will be recruited at that time. Be on the look out for more information on the Bridges Dental Clinic.


Community Member Volunteer

Interested in volunteering as a community member? Community members are a valuable part of our clinic and we welcome anyone with an interest in making a difference!

Please contact us at bcccstudentclinic@gmail.com for further details.