Our Mission:

Engage vulnerable populations by providing low-barrier, participant-centered care and services in the Portland Metro area through an interprofessional, student-led clinic.

Medical Directors Appointed

Announcing our new co-medical directors,

Dr. Brian Park and Dr. Christopher Terndrup!


Park Brian_18

“Brian is a native Minnesotan who studied psychology and film in college. He stumbled backwards into a career in healthcare in New York City, where he worked as a care coordinator for a program for teenagers with Type 2 diabetes. Since then, he has been passionate about learning how healthcare and public health can come together to address social needs and structural inequities. Today, he practices at the OHSU Richmond Clinic. He oversees a community organizing program where patients, healthcare providers/staff, and community partners come together to co-create solutions for health equity issues. He also oversees a program to develop relational change-agents in healthcare and public health.”


 “Christopher was a high school math whiz, and studied Spanish language in college. He focused his energy in medical school and residency on LGBTQ populations and Latino healthcare. He taught throughout his life, from math tutoring to MCAT classes and now bedside clinical teaching for medical students and residents. He has been at OHSU since 2016, practicing primary care and hospital medicine. He enjoys teaching across contexts, working with both medical students and residents. He is the Quality Lead for his clinic, and the Assistant Program Director for Ambulatory Medicine for the IM program.”




Bridges Dental Clinic

Opening This Spring 2019!


Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic is excited to announce a new undertaking! We are opening a dental clinic located at Bud Clark Commons in downtown Portland. This project has taken our teams many months of hard work, and we are nearing our expected opening date in the Spring of 2019. Stay tuned for more exciting details!


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Bridges Collaborative Care Clinic opened on Oct. 7th, 2017.

Bridges CollBCCC-transparent-bgaborative Care Clinic (BCCC) is a student-run clinic located in Clark Center Annex in Portland, Oregon. The clinic utilizes and develops the talents, skills, and knowledge of students to assist the underserved in meeting and managing their health and social needs. Students work in interprofessional teams to coordinate health and related services to this population.

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“We aim to bridge the gap to health and social services by delivering whole person care to vulnerable populations in the Portland Metro area through a culturally competent, interprofessional, student-driven clinic providing high quality, participant-centered care, free of charge.” – Student Leader

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